Welcome to Penny Palettes where we make reclaimed wood art and custom furniture that suits your color palette. We create pieces that speaks directly to the hearts of our customers. 

Whether for yourself or as one-of-a kind gifts for a special birthday, holiday, wedding, retirement, graduation, housewarmings, you name it, and we can make it.

If you have any questions or need a custom order, please contact us or fill out the form here to join our wait list today. We look forward to working with you to create your vision.

| Some recent Penny Palettes |

What is a Penny Palette, you might ask (and did we misspell the word pallet)?
Penny Palette (n.):  Vibrant reclaimed wood pallet art, custom made to any size and color with vibrant pennies forming any design: States, countries, continents; animals, (pets, farm, safari, sky, sea); vacation or holidays; schools/ sports names and logos; monogram-style lettering/ initials/ stenciling AND MORE. It's no wonder that our slogan is "Homemade pallet art, to suit any color palette."